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On Current Rotation

The trials and tribulations of reading are bountiful and merciless! There are always about 3 to 4 books on my current rotation and of course there is vapid favoritism. One book always ends up on the back burner. Let’s give it up for the back-burner book! Everyone has one or two or fifteen of those books. These are the books you’ve TRIED desperately to read and finish and you just cannot for the life of you read another.single.page. For the better part of the the last two years I have re-read the first 100 pages of Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. I just cannot break the barrier of the first 100 pages. I like the concept and ideas of the book series but there is some serious mental blockage going on. Another book I cannot get through is Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I desperately want to read these books because I’ve been told by so and so that they are quite good. Honestly and unfortunately they’ll probably stay on the back burner for a while.





52 Book Challenge

I’ve recently discovered the amount of free time I now possess as a postgrad. Rather than watching abundant Netflix or lounging about I am going to do something productive! This productiveness is reading. I miss cuddling up with novel and getting completely lost in its pages. So from this day forth I challenge myself to read more. Since there are 52 weeks to a year obviously I cannot do the 52 book challenge without straining my eyes (and brain). I challenge myself to read a book on or about every week left in this year!